Staying Mentally Healthy through the Holidays 8

If you have never had to deal with mental health issues before, this may not be for you. Sure, a little mental instability is pretty common for most people through the holidays. It’s a stressful time of year. But, for those of us dealing with things like Depression, Post Traumatic […]


What if Love Sucks the Life out of you? 10

Love and sucking the life out of you in the same sentence? How is that possible? Love is supposed to be a good thing. It’s supposed to make you happy, bring about that butterfly feeling, and all that other good jazz, right? It’s not supposed to be draining, exhausting, stressful, […]

Cuffing Season… You mean, like shackles? 12

I heard someone recently say “tis the season for cuffing.” I had to Google it. I didn’t know what “cuffing” meant. As my children sometimes tell me, I’m old, remember? Well, apparently “cuffing” means you’re “tied down by a serious relationship.” Needless to say, Urban Dictionary and Google didn’t make […]

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Safety Before Sexy 2

  While safety is important every day of the year, parents take a few extra precautions on Halloween. We are explaining rules, following our kids around, checking their candy before they eat it, and maybe even administering drug tests if you are the lucky parent of a teenager this year. […]

6 Christmas Traditions to Start Thinking about in October 4418

  Christmas in October. What’s that about? Stores are already pushing us to purchase this year’s Christmas decorations, including trees and all. The last time I went into Wal-Mart (last weekend roughly) I found a whole section already dedicated strictly to Christmas. What happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving? They got […]

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  Guess what today is? National Kick Butt day! According to the National Day Calendar, the second Monday in October is National Kick Butt Day. What that means is, whatever project you have been putting off all year, this is the time for you to kick yourself in high gear […]

Netflix and Chill – The Truth Behind the Lie 147

  Netflix and chill… did you know there’s an app for that? Of course you did. There’s an app for literally everything you can think of apparently. Google “Netflix and chill” on your phone, and options for apps pop up. When you use a desktop computer, one of the first […]


Creepy football bonfires and other fun fall activities! 9

  We’ve started getting some cooler weather around here lately. Waking up in the morning to an outside thermostat that says 45 degrees has been awesome! When it’s cooler, being outside is a lot less painful. I’ talking less boob sweat, more outside time with my kiddos, no more feeling […]

5 Things you Should Stop Doing Right Now! 9

Seems like everyone is quick to tell you what you should be doing to live a happier and less stressful life, but what should you stop doing? I know, you don’t want to change your routine, or it’s hard to stop doing something you have been doing all your life. […]



7 Ways to Find Peace in a Sometimes Crazy World 10

  Piles of laundry, screaming children, traffic jams, stacks of unpaid bills…. There’s a certain amount of stress in everyone’s world. Some handle it well. Some of us, at times, run through our homes like screaming banshees (you know you’ve done it; don’t judge). As a single mother of two […]